Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Sanmed has best in class quality management system with its own laboratories for ensuring product quality.

Together with the Quality Control, Quality Assurance is a part of the Quality Unit. It ensures that products are produced as per the written procedure to ensure quality throughout the supply chain and till the end of the labelled shelf life of the product.

Quality Unit consistently trains all the people involved in any aspect of ensuring product quality. Quality Unit reports to senior management for integrity of Quality Management System to ensure product quality.

Quality control is responsible for sampling and analysis of Raw, Packing materials, in-process and Finished products. And Quality assurance is responsible for the preparation, distribution, revision of documents and product release.

All the analytical tests and in process controls are carried out and documented as per Quality system procedures.

Quality Assurance, Quality Control in order to meet the Quality of the products as per Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), follows good Documentation Procedures (GDP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Our products are subject across the board to high quality requirements. Depending on the specific product requirements we ensure production that complies with GMP, ISO, AYUSH regulations, Medical Device Directives and other applicable standards for disinfectants, antiseptics, wound management products and other external preparations.

Our extensively certified quality management system ensures consistent product quality. Leading manufacturers of branded external preparations with an international market presence have conducted multiple audits on our QMS and are satisfied by our quality standards.

Our quality team does extensive study of all input material. While developing new products, our development, quality and purchase teams conduct vendor audits and closely work with them in order that the right active substances, excipients go into our products to ensure consistent quality of finished dosages.

Our laboratories are GLP certified. Ongoing quality controls at all stages (raw material, packing material, in process and finished products)of production along with extensive chemical, microbiological, material compatibility tests, stability and effectiveness studies, ensure thatthe products meet the specific requirements of our customers while complying with all stipulated regulations.

As a leading manufacturer of disinfection and hygiene products, Sanmed has its own research & development team which enables it to develop, produce and market products with scientific basis to provide high value for our customers.

Apart from our own laboratories it also collaborates with reputed accredited laboratories to ensure quality and compliance with national and international requirements forproduct-specific effectiveness and material compatibility.