Welcome to IFCAI

In India, a majority of healthcare settings (Hospitals, Clinics, Dental clinics ) lack robust infection control and many lives are lost due to inadequate practices. We at Sanmed are committed to Infection Prevention Control (IPC) education and are proud to be associated with IFCAI to achieve our mission. IFCAI has announced their 5th annual conference scheduled for October.

Clean Hands : SAVE LIVES

'Fight antibiotic resistance - it's in your hands' WHO urges you to focus on the fight against antibiotic resistance in the context of hand hygiene and infection prevention and control (IPC) programmes. You can do this by supporting the 5 May 2017 calls to action. Hand hygiene is at the core of effective IPC to combat antibiotic resistance, and campaigning each year on or around 5 May is one important part of improving behaviour towards IPC best practices. This year the campaign materials are all co-branded with ‘Antibiotics, handle with care’ to demonstrate unity between antimicrobial resistance and IPC efforts.

Welcome to BioAsia

14th BioAsia is the annual flagship convention of the Lifesciences and Healthcare sector organized by the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations in partnership with the Govt of Telangana and the Govt of India from Feb 6-8, 2017 at HICC, Hyderabad. Open to doctors for the first time, BioAsia 2017 promises to showcase the digital revolution that will change the way healthcare is administered with interesting sessions on topics such as Digital Health and Public Services, Telemedicine and second-opinions to prominent speakers such as Mr. Narayana Murthy, Dr. Patrick Vallance. If you are a young healthcare professional with a zeal for technology, hospital owner or administrator, BioAsia is a great opportunity to get upto speed to the latest in the space of healthcare, technology and more.