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SANMED is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of 'Disinfectants and Antiseptics'. SANMED products are manufactured at modern manufacturing facilities adhering to the WHO GMP standards.

We are a young company started by professionals with several decades of experience across globe in healthcare sector. We aspire to be one of the leading specialists for disinfection, hygiene and skin protection. We protect personnel, patients and products throughout the world against infections and contaminations.

SANMED is an Indo-US-Europe collaborated company poised to launch entire range of products with Global cutting edge technologies

We develop, produce and distribute brands possessing reliable quality and great benefits for users. Hence, each product from application aid to innovative chemical formulation is a result of a complex management system being internationally acceptable standards.

As supplier of healthcare related products, we strictly adhere to the WHO GMP norms. Following this high quality requirements, our production strives to exceed the required quality standards by far.

SANMED HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. would proudly present the one stop answer for every kind of professional infection control, patient safety and hygiene solutions. SANMED believes that it is of prime importance to have the best infection control and hygiene solutions with imparting health protection or keeping one's health protected. We are committed to produce quality products that cover various fields like hospital sector, pharmaceutical industry, food and veterinary industry. We commit ourselves to provide high quality and cost-effective services worldwide through collaborations and comprehensive services.